Fracture & Dislocation Surgery Services for Pets at Townsgate Pet Hospital

Fractures and dislocations are common orthopedic injuries that can severely impact your pet's mobility and quality of life. At Townsgate Pet Hospital in Westlake Village, CA, we specialize in providing expert fracture and dislocation surgery services to address these issues effectively. Our experienced veterinary team understands the urgency and importance of prompt intervention when it comes to these injuries, and we are committed to providing compassionate care to help your pet recover.

When your pet suffers a fracture or dislocation, our first priority is to conduct a thorough evaluation to assess the extent of the injury. Using advanced diagnostic imaging techniques, such as X-rays and CT scans, we can precisely identify the location and severity of the injury, allowing us to develop a tailored treatment plan. Whether your pet requires internal fixation with plates and screws or external fixation with pins and wires, we have the expertise and resources to perform a wide range of surgical procedures with precision and skill.

During surgery, our skilled veterinary surgeons work diligently to stabilize fractures and realign dislocated joints, aiming to restore your pet's mobility and comfort. We understand the importance of not only repairing the injury but also promoting optimal healing to minimize the risk of complications and ensure a successful recovery. Following surgery, our compassionate team provides comprehensive post-operative care and rehabilitation to support your pet's recovery journey.

If your pet has experienced a fracture or dislocation, don't hesitate to reach out to Townsgate Pet Hospital at (805) 230-1999. Let us be your trusted partner in helping your pet overcome their orthopedic injury and regain their zest for life.