Compassionate Amputation Surgery Services at Townsgate Pet Hospital

When faced with the difficult decision of amputation for your pet due to injury, illness, or disease, Townsgate Pet Hospital in Westlake Village, CA, offers compassionate support and expert surgical care. Our experienced veterinarians understand the emotional challenges involved and are here to guide you through this process with care and empathy.

Amputation surgery aims to improve your pet's quality of life by removing a diseased or injured limb that is causing pain or hindering mobility. At Townsgate Pet Hospital, our skilled surgeons perform amputation procedures with precision, utilizing advanced techniques and prioritizing your pet's comfort and well-being throughout the entire process.

We believe in open communication and collaboration with pet owners to ensure that amputation surgery is the best option for their furry companions. Our team will provide thorough pre-operative assessments, discuss the procedure and its potential outcomes with you, and offer support during the decision-making process.

If you're considering amputation surgery for your pet or have been recommended this procedure by your veterinarian, please reach out to us at (805) 230-1999. Our caring and compassionate staff are available to address any questions or concerns you may have and to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced veterinarians. Trust Townsgate Pet Hospital to provide the compassionate care your pet deserves during their amputation journey.