Allergy Testing Services for Pets at Townsgate Pet Hospital

Does your pet suffer from persistent itching, redness, or recurrent ear infections? At Townsgate Pet Hospital in Westlake Village, CA, we understand the frustration of dealing with pet allergies. Our comprehensive allergy testing services are designed to pinpoint the specific allergens triggering your pet's discomfort, so we can tailor an effective treatment plan for relief.

Our experienced veterinarians utilize state-of-the-art allergy testing methods to identify common allergens, including environmental factors like pollen, dust mites, and mold, as well as food allergens. By accurately diagnosing your pet's allergies, we can develop a personalized treatment approach that may include dietary changes, allergy shots, medications, or environmental modifications to alleviate symptoms and improve your pet's quality of life.

At Townsgate Pet Hospital, we prioritize your pet's comfort and well-being. That's why we offer gentle and stress-free allergy testing procedures to ensure accurate results without causing unnecessary discomfort. With our compassionate care and advanced diagnostics, you can trust our team to provide the relief your pet deserves.

If you suspect your pet may be suffering from allergies, don't wait to seek help. Contact Townsgate Pet Hospital at (805) 230-1999 to schedule an allergy testing appointment today. Let us help your pet enjoy a life free from the burden of allergies.